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The Perception Experiment

ISBN 13 978-0-9790981-2-3
ISBN 10 0-9790981-2-2
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Perfect-bound paperback, 328 pages

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You are not an individual. You do not think. You function.

His town is perfect. A shining example of morality. The kind of place you'd raise children in. The kind of place that breeds happy, productive citizens.

He is an exemplary member of the community-goes to Church every Sunday, always punctual and organized, never misses a day of work.

But to achieve perfection, sacrifices have to be made.
This is a world of mandatory mind control.

When one man is forced to confront the holes in his worldview head on, what starts with skipping Church becomes a full-fledged battle for sanity.

Now they're coming for him, to put him back in his place, restore his status as a sedated slave.

In this gripping and suspenseful psychological thrill-ride, you'll follow the narrator's remarkable journey of awareness and self-discovery as the world he once knew is torn apart around him.

If ignorance is bliss, then knowledge is torture.

The Perception Experiment is a poetic and imaginative work of literature, a modern allegory of epic proportions that will leave you emotionally shaken.

The Experiment has Begun


"With The Perception Experiment, Jason Glover has created a new genre: the sacrilegious hard-boiled Apocalyptic novel. Adept in streaming literary magic, he's conjured a contemporary cinematic variation on the Book of Revelation with words alone.

The Perception Experiment fiercely questions the function of belief. 'Becoming Too Aware' is the protagonist's bad trip in an ironic dystopia where pervasive, friendly-sinister theocratic repression provokes his contention with Lucifer and God.

Paradoxically, it takes a devout artist to issue such a work.

The Perception Experiment is a lively philosophical, torrentially poetic antidote to the 'Left Behind' books."

-Stephanie Mills,
author of Epicurean Simplicity and In Service of the Wild

"The Perception Experiment is a tantalizing Apocalyptic thriller. An intimate first-person narrative, it is the story of an individual discovering the extent of his indoctrination in an autocratic system - a discovery that leads not just to liberation but madness as well.

The Perception Experiment fuses theology, psychology and mythology in a mad spiraling post-modern deconstruction of totalitarian thought and control. This intriguing book exposes much of what is kept hidden by authority, government, churches. and maybe even yourself."

-Mike Darigan,
author of backpocket e-pistles